Eli Peer



An award winning production, advertising and marketing professional and innovator for over two decades within the fields of concept and product creation, brand strategy, communications, marketing, advertising, production, global execution of large scale campaigns and construction projects for the world leading brands, garnering worldwide recognition and accolades.

I have been fortunate to enjoy a long and diverse career spanning multiple industries, countries, and positions. All of which have resulted in a finely honed skill set that is uniquely focused on creative strategy, brand building, experiential activation and global productions, raging from the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

I take a lot of pride in being able to manage and retain multiple teams and vendors globally that I utilize project after project. Building the correct teams, both internally and externally, to specifically suit each project according to location, event type and budget is crucial in executing the highest level of activations within its specified budget. When the correct team is assembled and the communication between all departments is clear, the management can be that much more efficient and the experience is an enjoyable one for everyone. Being flexible and nimble with each new team is a skill I very much enjoy.

I personally strive to live as sustainably as possible, and I bring my knowledge of sustainability into creative strategy, materials and executions whenever possible. Because of this focus in both personal and professional capacities, I have a vast knowledge of sustainable practices, which existing materials and processes are sustainable, and new and emerging sustainable materials and technology.