Heineken’s Sous Vide Lab

To launch the local edition of Heineken Cities, that celebrates great cities around the world, we created and produced together with our partner Gilgul the Heineken Sous Vide Lab – an urban culinary happening conducted by Chef Alexander Zoonder Lachnish.

For 3 months, Goodies delicatessen on Tchernichovsky street in Tel Aviv has become Heineken Lab, that sells sous vide vegetables based products for home enjoyment.

Twice a week, the delicatessen transforms into a pop up restaurant, a futuristic culinary lab led by Zoonder, serving exclusive couture 10 courses meals for 12 people only. The project was covered by YnetTime OutWalla Food7 DaysMaarivLayla CalcaliGlobesJerusalem PostAuto magazine and 102 radio’s morning show.

Heineken Beer

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