Heineken in Coworking Spaces

Coworking Spaces are Tel Aviv’s new energy junctions. Together with Heineken, we decided to adopt them.

For the past months, workers at The Hub, The Junction, Sosa, Mindspace and Craft & Bloom have enjoyed an ongoing refreshing flow of Heineken beer.

In addition, Heineken has branded different corners in the spaces (from benches and pillows to notebooks and pens) and has supported events that take place in them.

A dominant part of this activity is a green, environmental DIY branding based on craftsmanship, which includes recycling of Heineken bottles and turning them into useful and aesthetic items.

For this purpose we joined forces with Craft&Bloom, a creative design and craft space with a glorious succulent plants garden, for a series of workshops.

On July the place hosted a DIY glass cutting workshop where Heineken bottles were turned into succulent pots. On the next workshop we will learn how to create a personal Heinekn six pack carrier out of recycled wood.

Here are a few tips for those who spend their days in a coworking space.
Heineken Beer

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