Flora Nero merges luxury design and lifestyle with its debut collection launch in 2022

Founding Partner of Allenby, Eli Peer, along with Allenby GM, Anna Peer, launched their own design brand in 2022, Flora Nero. The elegant blend of high end design, artisan craftsmanship, and the embracing of indulgences comes to life in the visual landscape created to entice viewers in.

The debut collection, Other_Worldly, embraces the indulgence of Cannabis, which is fully legal in California as well as 18 other states. Creative Director, Marc Thorpe, designed this collection inspired by the shape and mystery of UFO’s and recalling the era of the space race, the prosperity of post-war America and the emerging jetset.

Each of the first 8 pieces in the collection can stand alone as a display piece when not in use. Milled from solid aluminum and anodized to Flora Nero’s custom colors by Santa Barbara’s Neal Feay, each object has a weight and feel in the hands that was specifically designed to make you want to pick it up and hold it. Wood veneer from Eurogroup Belcaire provides a luxurious finish, along with hand blown glass from KEEP Brooklyn crowning The Globe.

Eli and Anna are excited to pour their passions, experience and creativity into this beautiful new brand producing Exceptional Objects of Indulgence.

Flora Nero