Giuliana Rancic, Mario Lopez and Christina Milian promote SmarTrike

Smartrike creates high-technology, state-of-the-art ride-on solutions for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

To promote their tricycle, we created an influencers campaign focused on 3 carefully selected parent celebrities: Giuliana Rancic, Mario Lopez and Christina Milian.

On December 2015, Milian served as the headline presenter of a joyous Christmas event we held at the heart of Manhattan, and posted photos on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Rancic and Lopez both posted intimate photos with their child and a smartrike tricycle on their Twitter and Instagram profiles.

The campaign gained phenomenal results: collaborating with only 3 strong influencers, we received hundreds of comments and shares, almost 80,000 likes and reached 12 million people!

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