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Maccabee Beer’s Renaissance

Maccabee Beer’s Renaissance

Brief: Reviving the old brand.

Activity: The new strategy: turning the brand’s disadvantages into advantages and place it as the alternative beer for the hipster community in Israel. We turned Maccabee beer into the preferred draught beer in strategic bars and cafes for the hipster crowd. Maccabee beer also started supporting fringe culture and underground artists. Throughout this activity we’ve invented a unique platform: “Maccabee Home Tour“, major artists’ tours in private apartments. The activity is accompanied by an innovative web series, titled “Sound Check“.

Result: For the first time in a decade, Maccabee beer’s sales grew by the tens of percents. An independent survey by “The Marker” stated that Maccabee beer made the biggest brand leap in 2010. The “Home Tour” campaign was showcased in Google’s yearly inspiration event.

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